7 Ways To Save For Christmas Now!

It’s no surprise when Christmas is. It comes the same time each year!

However, it always seems to sneak up on us when it comes to affording it financially. Christmas doesn’t have to be a holiday that buries you in more debt.

Christmas savingsPage, Lobo, Costales and Preston APC would like to share some great tips to get your savings started now for Christmas:

  1. Do you come across extra money? Whether it is finding spare change or shopping rebates, put it away into an envelope. If you go out to eat and your friend pays for a portion of the bill in cash and gives it to you, use that to put into your Christmas envelope as well.
  2. Do you ever earn gift cards or receive them as gifts? Put those into your Christmas envelope as well! You can always re-gift them or exchange them for presents when it gets closer to Christmas.
  3. Eliminate eating out one day of the week. Use the money you would spend on your lunch or dinner out towards your Christmas envelope.
  4. Do you have extra stuff lying around the house? Sell it! Now is a great time to do some spring cleaning. Clean the clutter out of your home and sell them at a garage sale. If you have more quality stuff, sell it online through eBay.
  5. Cut back on some of your utilities for a couple months. For example, if you cut back on your cable subscription for 2-3 months, put that extra savings into your Christmas envelope. It’s so nice out lately anyway, who wants to be inside watching TV?
  6. Call your cell phone company to see if you can lower your bill. Do you have a landline? Cancel that and just use your cell phone.
  7. Pay yourself daily on each transaction you make. For example, if you go to the grocery store and you spend $94.87, put the extra $5.13 into your Christmas savings envelope.

6 Ways To Save Money This Holiday Season

How to save money this holiday season.

Though it is no surprise when the holiday season is, somehow every year it continues to sneak up on us.

holiday moneySpending can usually get out of hand around the holidays and Page, Lobo, Costales and Preston would like to share some helpful tips to saving money during the holiday season:

  1. Set Up A Budget – Agree with certain friends that you won’t exchange gifts this year, or set a price limit for family presents, particularly those for adults. Alternatively, have a “children only” rule, or set up a Secret Santa.
  2. Use Coupons Or Discounts – Hunt around the home for any elusive gift vouchers or coupons you may have collected.
  3. Make A List – And make sure to stick to your list when shopping. This is important for grocery shopping when planning your holiday meals. Buy in bulk at places like Costco or shop at inexpensive food chains like WinCo. Stick to the grocery list you planned out!
  4. Don’t Over-Buy – As a host you will want to put on a plentiful spread but don’t overestimate the amount people will eat. Avoid wasting food and the money you spend on it.
  5. Cut The Drinks – If hosting a dinner or cocktail party, encourage company to bring their own alcohol. Alcohol often flows freely over the festive period and the costs can quickly add up. If you are buying drinks for a party, search for local deals and discounts.
  6. Save On Postage – Don’t wait until the last minute to mail gifts. Send them early so you don’t pay extra on postage.  

How To Feel Rich This Christmas Without Breaking The Bank

Five Christmas spending tips.

Christmas is the time when people go into their deepest debt and spend the rest of the year trying to claw their way out before the next Christmas season.

Christmas spendingMost people buy on credit at Christmas because there is no way they can afford the season from their normal income. Page, Lobo, Costales and Preston would like to share some helpful tips to avoid burying yourself in debt this Christmas season but still having the best Christmas yet!

  1. Avoid Keeping Up With The Jones’s – Just because the kid down the street has the latest XBOX doesn’t mean your kid has to also! This goes the same for adults as well.
  2. Create An Experience – Instead of buying the kids a pile of gifts they can’t possibly appreciate, spend a portion of their gift money on a holiday experience. Go to a garden of lights, enjoy a sleigh ride, get out and cut down a Christmas tree by hand. Take them to the symphony Christmas concert. There are so many ways to experience Christmas that will give them joyful, lasting memories. You simply can’t replace an experience with a plastic toy made in China.
  3. Don’t Pile On More Debt – If you love your family put their needs before their wants. Spend according to your means by spending what you can afford. We recommend setting up a Christmas budget and do everything you can to stick to it!
  4. Start Your Shopping Early –You’ll be able to get the gifts you want without as much fuss. We recommend buying online so you avoid any impulse buys. Create a Christmas list with columns for the person, dollar amount and idea. Total the dollar amount so you know exactly how much money is needed.
  5. Give Away Your Time This Christmas – Instead of your money! Does your family volunteer during the holidays? This year, look into the multiple ways to give back during the season. Serve a meal at a homeless shelter, adopt a family, ring the bell for the Salvation Army or walk dogs at the animal shelter. If there is a busy mom that needs a break, watch her kids so she can get her shopping done.